Yoga Journal Conference: Estes Park, CO

Yoga Journal Conference Sept 22-25 2016

Assisting Tias Little at the Yoga Journal Conference this fall in Colorado was a valuable experience in understanding how adjusting and assisting is just as communicative as teaching the class itself. The art of touch while understanding the energetics of the pose can be truly healing. While working as an assistant, I was able to observe Tias work while also being of service to students- discovering that as teachers, we are laying down the ground work for each practitioner to experience themselves. 

The following workshops and day-longs allowed for the students to first settle in energetically with meditation, take flight with arm balancing classes to experience their fire energy, and finally into deeper workshops to connect to our subtle body. 

  • The Alchemy of Silence: A one day retreat
  • Flight of the Crane
  • Getting to the Bone
  • Unleash Your Life through Nadis
  • Sky is the Limit

 The Yoga Journal Conference was a union of inspiring teachers in the mountains. Each teacher I took a class from brought a different perspective to this fruitful subject. I was finally able to take classes from teachers in distant locations: Dharma Mittra, Judith Hanson Lasater, or Kathryn Budig. Deeply appreciative of this experience.