Yoga Teacher's Retreat led by Stacie Overby // Costa Rica . Blue Spirit

On retreat, I had the honor of being surrounded by wise women on the path.

Stacie Overby
Dharma Talk Excerpts

"Clarity is not enough. We must tend to our seed."
"Support a life that allows me to live in 'that place' as much as possible"
"Learn how to direct my being in the direction of where I want to go"
"All of the spiritual teachings are basically saying: All of your intentions should be coming from God"
"We must be at our Highest to hold space for others in their Highest... the amount of work you do on yourself determines the depth of your personal container"
"Follow your Truth. That is your Practice"
"A way to get back to my Innocence as a teacher is to get back to my Studentship"
"The 'container' grows so big  because you are so comfortable with your Flaws... as well as your Magnificence"
"Yoga is shifting Samskaras of our Old Destructive habits for New Nourishing Habits"
"All practices are : the ability to discern if our choices are motivated by outside sources or Inner Knowing."