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Turning Inward: A Prajna Yoga Online Offering


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From December 1st through 31st you will receive a FREE guided meditation by a different Prajna Yoga teacher each day to offer a moment of stillness and pause to your day. 

These recorded meditations will be 15-20 minutes in length and will offer you support as you explore a daily sitting practice. During the holidays, this could be a way to de-stress and slow down. 

The Prajna Yoga teachings are simple and beautiful. You are not expected to "stop your mind" -- Instead, you are invited to slow down, notice the flow of your breath, observe your mind and thoughts, and notice what arises as you turn inward. In each unique offering, teachers will share inspiring passages, offer guidance through relaxation techniques, and give space for The Pause. 

We encourage you to share this with friends and family. No yoga or meditation experience is needed. All are welcome to participate in this free event.