Private & Group Yoga Session

Private yoga sessions are the most effective way to deepen your yoga practice. I work closely and intimately with my clients as I tailor the session to cater toward individual needs. 

If you are a new student to yoga, private sessions create a solid understanding in the foundational postures- allowing you to move at your own pace, I guide my clients toward a stronger sense of their practice through hands-on adjustments and feedback. For the seasoned yoga student, private sessions can help to improve the practice you've built. Based on your interest, I guide Intermediate/Advanced students toward articulate technique, variations & transitions, or a focus on  a meditative practice. 

I also host private sessions for Therapeutic Yoga which aims to use the poses as a form of healing common ailments such as lower back pain, neck and shoulder limitations, knee pain, sciatica, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, GI tract dysfunction, migraines, insomnia, and surgery. Therapeutic Yoga can profoundly affect one's physiological changes through proper body positioning, including traction, compression, inversion, and “rinsing” the  tissues.


  • Private Session

  • Private Class Packages: 3 classes/5 classes/10 classes

  • Duet Private Session

  • Group Session

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