The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word 'yuj"' means to yoke or merge. Through the years, Leia's yoga practice has become a space of unveiling one to the naked Self; A Submersion into our essence and nature around us. In her teaching she lyrically guides one  to merge the poetry of the movement with the elements around us, to merge the ethereal with the physical, subconscious with the conscious, and awakening into our soft power.  Leia carries with her,  the traditional teaching styles of yoga that offer foundation,  grounded-ness, strength and  she continues to explore the subtler aspects  that awaken us to grace, gentleness, and our sensual nature.  Choose a way in- each path leads to the state of yoga. 

I began my practice at Yoga to the People in the Mission District of San Francisco. Inspired by teacher, Yancy Scot Schwartz, I practiced at YTTP for several years. Guided by my pull to 'dive deeper' I later graduated from the their Vinyasa training and began teaching at YTTP.  My enthusiasm for yoga led my studies the following year toward YogaWorks with teachers: Erika Trice & Lakshmi Angela Norwood. After meeting at the YogaWorks training, I began a one-on-one Mentorship with Stacie Overby  exploring mindfulness practice through meditation, breath work, somatic awareness and guided self-inquiry. While in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to regularly teach at an Ashtanga influenced Vinyasa studio in Nob Hill and Mission District.  

I had the opportunity to spend a few years in Taos, New Mexico- a beautiful place, of high desert and mountains which invites both deep contemplation and play. Here, I developed a connection to earth spirituality and different teachers of respected lineages. Presently, I am studying with Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe, NM with Master Teacher Tias Little & Surya Little allowing me to cultivate a language of yoga that articulates the body in asana & pranayama while weaving in the exploration & study of sutras, poetry, myth, and chanting. I also study the Yoga Sutra with Chase Bossartof The Yoga Well Institute, in the lineage of Sri T. Krishnamacharya as passed on to his son Mr. TKV Desikachar.

  • My VINYASA FLOW classes are influenced by classical Ashtanga - they are energizing sequences that emphasize breath, safe alignment, and graceful movement. The classes allow the Beginner through Advanced student a balanced & challenging physical practice. My intention is to hold space for students to reconnect to themselves and discover inspiration within the practice. This class is led with music.